Get Bitbucket deployment updates from Slack

Teams need to be kept in the loop as changes are deployed across environments because it can impact what they’re working on. Say you’re waiting to see when your code goes from testing to staging so you can review it live, or you’re waiting on a dependent change to land in production. Continuously checking the status of a deployment is tedious and wastes time.

That’s why we’ve added deployment notifications to the Bitbucket chatbot, available now in Slack. Now your team can be notified automatically once a deployment occurs. You can configure notifications to be sent for successful, stopped and failed deployments that are tracked by Bitbucket Deployments.

When deployments fail, it’s crucial that the team is notified immediately so that the relevant fixes can be put in place. When deployment failed notifications are configured, your team will be instantly notified if a deployment fails and the team member who executed the deployment will be mentioned directly by the chatbot. The team can then work to fix the deployment before retrying.

With deployment succeeded notifications, the team is reassured that everything executed as expected. Depending on your team’s deployment workflow and whether you have any manual deployment steps, these notifications can also be a signal that changes can be promoted to the next environment. For example, for a team with a manual deployment step to production, seeing a “Deployment to Staging successful” notification indicates to the team that the changes can now be deployed to production.

Earlier this year, we announced that Bitbucket Deployments is the first CI/CD tool to have inbuilt support for automatic concurrency control. Because of this, it’s possible for a deployment to be paused because another pipeline is deploying. Configuring deployment stopped notifications lets your team know if a deployment was manually stopped, or if a deployment was paused because another pipeline was already , to the same environment. These notifications may indicate to the team that some action is required – whether that be confirming that the deployment was correctly stopped, or resuming the paused deployment once the in-progress deployment completes.

Deployment notifications help teams to work more efficiently together, by providing them with automatic, real-time updates when deployments occur. For details about how to configure deployment notifications for your Bitbucket repository, check out our documentation. We hope this addition improves your team’s deployment workflow!