Groups management rebooted

We introduced a new way to manage teams in 2011 called groups. Groups allow you to administer your team members and provide access to specific repositories. The feedback from our users was that the groups management UI is not optimal. We listened, and we completely revamped groups management.

The new groups list makes it easier to find the most important information. You can see which groups can manage the team and how many members and repositories are in each group. You can also add new team members directly from this page to multiple groups:


The group details page now has a better display of which permissions are set for the group, with descriptions to state exactly how that permission is used. We’ve also added a list of all the repositories the group can access. The entire page has been designed with efficiency in mind and makes it much easier for large teams to manage group members:


This implementation also fixes some performance issues that were affecting customers managing groups with very large numbers of repositories. Please leave a comment if you have any specific feedback about groups management.