Do more from your inbox with Atlassian Cloud for Gmail

As part of the Atlassian Cloud for Gmail add-on announced at Google Next, we’re proud to unveil the numerous features the add-on allows for Bitbucket Cloud users inside Gmail, making it easy to take action and get contextual information on your pull requests, issues, and pipelines builds without leaving your inbox.

Get context on work

For emails that contain certain types of URLs from Bitbucket, the Atlassian app surfaces contextual information related to your work inside Gmail. You can read all the comments on a Bitbucket issue, view information about a pull request or pipelines build, or even see who has or hasn’t approved a pull request. The Atlassian app also integrates with Jira, allowing those that use both Jira and Bitbucket Cloud to get a full picture of the status of their work on the go.

Take action inside Gmail

Best of all, you can take action on the notifications you receive via email, meaning more efficiency in your day to day workflow and less switching between apps to get stuff done. The Atlassian Cloud for Gmail add-on allows you to perform the following actions in Bitbucket Cloud from your inbox:

  • Comment directly on an issue
  • Comment on a pull request
  • Merge a pull request
  • Re-run a pipeline build

Get started today

It’s easy to get started – simply head over to the G Suite marketplace listing and install the add-on. We’re excited to to launch these productivity improvements and can’t wait to hear what you think!


Get the add-on today