Introducing Project and Workspace Access Tokens

A few months ago we introduced Repository Access Tokens which were the first of the new resource-based authentication methods we are introducing to Bitbucket Cloud. Repository Access Tokens enable a convenient, yet secure way to manage access for users to a specific repository.

While repository access tokens enable you to allow you to control access at a granular level, they are not scalable. To enable you to scale these tokens at the project and workspace level, we are launching project access tokens and workspace access tokens.

Project and Workspace level tokens

With the introduction of Project-scoped and Workspace-scoped Access Tokens, we’ve added another level of flexibility on how you can manage access to your resources. Both these new types of access tokens allow access to repository-based APIs and Git operations to all repositories that fall under the specific project or workspace.

What are the benefits of these new Access Token types?

If your Bitbucket workspace has multiple projects and each project has multiple repos within it, these new tokens will apply to all repos under the project or workspace. You don’t need to create a different token for each repo in the workspace. If you have many repos and many projects, these new token types are a more scalable way to manage tokens.

How do I start using these?

Both Project and Workspace Access Tokens are part of the Bitbucket Premium plan and will be accessible in the respective Settings page under Access tokens.

Resource-based access tokens are a big step towards better security. For more information, you can visit our Access Tokens help page.