Introducing the Redesigned Bitbucket

It’s a big day here at Bitbucket HQ. The Bitbucket team is unveiling a brand new, redesigned Bitbucket. Our goal for this huge release was to rethink and rebuild the Bitbucket web experience from the ground up. Today, we’re are excited to introduce the new Bitbucket – faster, easier and more beautiful than ever.

Meet the New UI

Every page has been optimized for speed, clarity and discoverability. We’ve rethought the way repositories are presented, helping you find the most important information. We’ve streamlined the way you navigate the site, and we’ve brought the actions that you most often take front and center. Simply put, we’ve aimed to give you the ultimate experience with Git and Mercurial. Meet the new Bitbucket.

Restructured Repository Header

The new repository header makes it lightning fast to navigate source, commits and pull requests.

We removed clutter and grouped key commands like cloning and forking together. Moreover, we made actionable information such as the number of open pull requests available at a glance.

Repository Overview

The newly designed repository landing page features the Activity Stream, keeping teams up-to-date on recent commits, pull requests and more.

The new meta-data panel to the right of the activity stream allows users to quickly filter and search through branches, tags, forks, and followers. Additional details such as the clone URL, repo type, and access level are easy to find.


From any repository page, the clone URL is instantly accessible for copy and paste. Whether you’re browsing source or commenting on a pull request, just click on the ‘Clone’ button and you’re set.

Mac users have the added bonus of configuring their repository locally on our free Git and Mercurial client, SourceTree, with just one click.

Source Browser

The source browser has been completely recreated. Filter your view by branches or tags to learn more about the features your developers are working on.

A new feature to the source browser is the ability to diff between any two commits. Simply select any two commits, and Bitbucket will render a unified diff with the option to expand context and explore even more source code.

You can even open up a side-by-side diff and view file changes IDE-style.

Light-weight Code Review

The re-imagined UI was just the beginning. A huge part of developing on Bitbucket is to make it easier for teams to collaborate around code with pull requests. Not only are pull requests redesigned, we have added some more horsepower to your code collaboration with in-line comments and merge approval. This gives you a light-weight code review process built right into your development workflow.

In-line Comments

A huge request from our users was the need to comment inline (and in context) on code. There are now two options to provide feedback, ask questions, and have discussions around your code – comment on any line of code in a pull request or comment on individual commits.

When someone leaves a comment on a changeset or pull requests you’re participating in, you’ll receive an email notification with the code comment and a link to respond.

Participants and Approvers

Anyone who has commented on a pull request will show up as a participant. As you conduct your review and submit changes, you can “approve” the pull request to signal to your team that you’re happy with what you see. Bitbucket will then display a check next to your avatar letting everyone know that you like what you see.

Pull Requests

Compare View and Pull Requests have been designed to complement each other. Quickly compare two branches or a fork and submit a pull request.

“And one more thing…”

There are dozens of other small improvements all over Bitbucket that make it even better to use. These include:

  • Markdown support for any place that you can leave comments, such as pull requests or issues
  • Default repository avatars for repositories that have programming languages set
  • Quick filters throughout the site
  • Faster site performance – the user dashboard is now up-to five times faster
  • Simpler administration and account pages

Lastly, thank you for being a Bitbucket user

We’ve agonized over every detail of the new Bitbucket, and we know that you’re going to love it. Please let us know what you think, and help us spread the word. Our never ending goal is to make Bitbucket even better. Thanks to everyone who uses Bitbucket and to those who provide feedback.

If you haven't checked us out lately or are new to our service, Bitbucket has had a year of record growth. In the last year, we’ve added Git support, introduced Bitbucket Teams, and tightly integrated with JIRA. Sign up and check it out! As always, we offer free unlimited private repositories for up to 5 collaborators.

Cheers, The Bitbucketeers

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