Iteration 1043

It has been a landmark week for the Bitbucket team. Our new team (1,2) has assembled in Sydney from the four corners of the globe for our first iteration as a new team!

Today we have the first in a series of posts detailing what we developed during the previous iteration. We want to make sure you know about all of the changes that are happening at Bitbucket: new features, bug fixes, and service improvements.

This week’s key changes are:

  • Feature: OpenID authentications are now sticky. This improvement came from a conversation we had on IRC with a user. If you last used OpenID for authentication, Bitbucket will now remember your preference.
  • Feature: Launched so that we can give everyone a clearer picture of what’s the Bitbucket server status.
  • Improvement: When forking a private repository, the private option is preserved by default.
  • Improvement: We upgraded the kernel on the Bitbucket servers to address some memory management bugs confirmed by Red Hat.
  • Improvement: We made prettier and hopefully more useful 404 pages, so that when you hit a URL that doesn’t exist, you have some options of where to go.
  • Improvement: We added a new welcome page for new users to help them get started with Bitbucket.
  • Bug: The news feed was displaying commit messages out of order. We’ve modified the feed to display entries based on the time of the push to Bitbucket, rather than the time of commit. We think this will make a lot more sense to people.
  • Bug: When removing a repository, for a few moments due to caching, the removed repository would appear in the repositories pull-down.
  • Bug: We now show your avatar in the account page you when you upload a custom image.

It been an awesome first week together as a team and we’re even more excited to start rolling out larger releases.

If you have ideas about what you’d like to see in Bitbucket, be sure to give us a shout.