JIRA + Bitbucket is Easy with the New JIRA DVCS Connector Update

A couple months ago, Atlassian released the JIRA DVCS Connector to help users link JIRA to their Github or Bitbucket repositories. Today, we’ve released a new update that makes it even simpler to link Git or Mercurial commits to JIRA issues – especially for teams.

Meet the new JIRA DVCS Connector

Bitbucket Teams

Recently we introduced a new feature to Bitbucket called Teams – a simple way to consolidate your team-owned repositories and organize your group’s work. Creating a Team in Bitbucket is easy and now connecting your teams repositories with JIRA is easy as well.

Instead of adding a Bitbucket repository for every project you create in JIRA, the DVCS connector automatically links and syncs all of your repositories to your JIRA instance, so you never have to worry about updating the Connector with new repositories again. Just add your Bitbucket account, and you’re set. Simple configuration, less setup time, and easier linking!

Streamlined Administration

A small, but useful improvement is the new Repository Administration screen. There may be times when you do not want a specific repository linked to JIRA project. Just check the boxes next to the repositories you want to link, or enter the admin screen and change credentials on specific repositories.

We have bundled Bitbucket Links into the JIRA DVCS Connector. What can you do with Links? Issue keys that are in commit messages allow you to link directly to your JIRA issues. Now you will have complete traceability between your code and issues.

  • Link commits to JIRA simply by referencing issue keys in commit messages
  • Use issue keys in pull requests or changeset comments to clarify the why behind your work

Note: This update is now available on Bitbucket OnDemand as of 7/30/2012

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