Linking Bitbucket and JIRA

Today, we are introducing Bitbucket Links. With Links, you can use issue keys to link to your JIRA issue tracker or Bamboo build server or other development tools you use straight from Bitbucket.

  • Link commits to JIRA simply by referencing issue keys in commit messages
  • Use issue keys in pull requests or changeset comments to clarify the why behind your work
  • Map an unlimited number of JIRA, Bamboo, Crucible and Jenkins servers
Anywhere that an issue key is referenced, Bitbucket will link directly to your JIRA or Bamboo build server.

Easy to setup

Installing and configuring new repositories is super easy. From any repository administration screen, select the new ‘Links’ option to set up your JIRA, Bamboo, Crucible or Jenkins server.

Get the DVCS Connector

We also have the JIRA DVCS Connector, which allows you to view your Bitbucket commits from JIRA. Any commit that contains an issue can be viewed from within JIRA, linking your issues directly to your source. Connecting JIRA projects to your Bitbucket repositories allows users to:

  • Track commits, monitor source code edits, and drill through to source files
  • Push commits to JIRA simply by referencing issue keys in commit messages
  • Map unlimited public and private Bitbucket and GitHub repositories to JIRA projects
  • View Bitbucket and GitHub activity in the JIRA Activity Stream

EDIT – May 1, 2012

We’ve added a REST endpoint to modify configure links.