Add file attachments to pull requests in Bitbucket Cloud

During code review, static image files might not be adequate when a developer wants to demo their changes. Starting now, teams can attach any type of file to a pull request. No need to worry about the file size either. For example, “before and after” screen recordings can be uploaded and viewed directly in a pull request.

With this change, Bitbucket Cloud has become more integrated with the Atlassian ecosystem. Does your team also collaborate on Jira or Confluence? The Atlassian Media Picker saves your recent attachments across all three products. It also has integrations with GIPHY, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Let’s dive in.

Add attachments to a new pull request

Click Browse to upload next to the Attachments field to open the Media Viewer.

The create pull request view in Bitbucket Cloud
The create pull request view in Bitbucket Cloud.

If you have uploaded attachments before you will see them in Recent uploads area. To upload a new attachment, select a file on your local device or open one of the integrations on the navigation menu.

The create pull request view in Bitbucket Cloud with the Media Picker open
The create pull request view with the Atlassian Media Picker open.

After uploading some attachments, create the pull request.

A pull request in Bitbucket Cloud with a single attachment
A pull request with a single attachment.

Updating attachments on an existing pull request

When viewing a pull request, you can add or remove attachments inside the attachment filmstrip. No need to return to the edit view.

An editable attachment file on a pull request in Bitbucket Cloud
An editable attachment file on a pull request.

What’s next?

From the very beginning, we were confident this feature would add value to code reviews. Beyond that, we realized it could unleash some powerful workflows.

Post attachments from build tools

A public API for pull request attachments is on the way. Right now, internal teams at Atlassian are using this feature to post visual diffs from their build tools. The same could be done with logs in text files. The possibilities are endless.

Additional context for attachments

Pull request attachments by themselves are useful, but greater flexibility and context is ideal. Your attachments will soon have information like the uploader, file metadata, and an editable description in a modal sidebar.

Start attaching today!

Give pull request attachments a spin and let us know what you think on the Atlassian Community.