Predefine values of custom pipeline variables

Recently, we introduced support for default values in custom pipeline variables. Today, we're happy to announce the ability to make pipeline variables configuration more flexible with predefined values.

We added a property to predefine values that can be assigned to a variable. It helps avoid errors, and improves the user experience. Instead of typing a variable value, you can choose it from a dropdown.

Here is an example of a pipeline configuration with the allowed-values property showing how to restrict values for an environment variable:

      - variables:
          - name: Environment
            default: production  
            allowed-values:         # optionally restrict variable values
             - dev
             - staging
             - production
      - step: 
            - echo "environment is $Environment"

Now, in the "Run pipeline" dialog, the user will have to choose a variable from a predefined list.

Additional documentation on using variables in custom pipelines can be found here. We hope you and your team find this extra flexibility helpful! 

Happy coding!