Pull Request and Changeset Likes

Sometimes you need to dive deep into a pull request or a particular changeset. Other times, you just want to give something your stamp of approval. Enter Bitbucket 'Likes'.

Bitbucket 'Likes' are great to give kudos to your teammate's awesome work, but they can also be used to streamline your dev process. On the Bitbucket team for example, once two or more developers 'Like' a particular pull request or changeset, we know that code is ready to be promoted to production and rolled out to customers. They are perfect for signaling to your team that you think a pull request is ready to be accepted and merged.

We've updated the pull request and changeset list views to display the number of 'Likes' and comments. See where the discussion is and jump into the conversation. If it's popular, it's probably important.

Likes and Comments take the friction out of sharing feedback, and they encourage greater participation and engagement amongst your team.

API Support & Feedback

Bitbucket 'Likes' are fully documented in our REST API, so feel free to include them in your own applications.

We want to continue to improve code collaboration for small teams. Let us know how we can make your team even more productive!