Powerful New Pull Requests

You’ve been asking for it, and here it is: brand spanking new pull requests!

Pull requests make it dead simple for contributors to:

  • fork a favorite repo
  • make a change
  • request a merge from their fork

As a repo owner, pull requests let you:

  • Promote new code contributions
  • Do simple code reviews
  • Trigger single-click merge between forks on the server.

Create a new pull request

Anyone with a fork can create a pull request. Select the “create pull request” button and you’ll be on your way.

If you’re not yet ready to submit a pull request, try out the “compare fork” feature to see a summary of the changes you’ve made on your fork.

Submitting a pull request is easy. Enter a title and description, and that’s it! You’ll get a visual diff to see exactly what will be merged. And when you submit the pull request, the parent repository’s writers will be notified of your contribution via email.

Want to push between different branches? No worries. You can select from the available origin and destination branches.

Have a merge conflict? Don’t sweat it. Bitbucket tells you what you need to know to resolve the conflict and perform a clean pull request.

Review outstanding pull requests

Anyone with read access to a repository can review the open, fulfilled and rejected pull requests.

Not only that, pull request URLs are unique, so you can even share them with friends via email or instant message.

Single click merges

Have a contribution you’re ready to accept? Sweet. We’ve made that single click. Anyone with write access to a repo can select “Fulfill pull request”.

When a pull request is accepted, Bitbucket will pull server-side and merge the changes. All without any command line fuss.

Try pull requests

What are you waiting for? Why not try forking one of your favorite open-source projects on Bitbucket and contribute back using pull request!