Pull requests with side-by-side diffs

Bitbucket now has the option to view file changes—IDE-style—with side-by-side diffs:

Side by side diff 2012

With both versions of the file shown in full with synchronized scrolling, you can more quickly grok what has changed, making code review easier in:

  • pull requests
  • the compare view
  • individual commits

Show me more: expandable context

Unified diffs are great for reviewing small changes, but lines hidden beyond the 3 lines of context can leave out important information. We’ve updated unified diffs with clickable skipped sections to expand the context in the diff, instantly.

Expand diff

Using side-by-side diff

Side by side button 2012

Want to switch from unified mode to side-by-side mode? Simply click on any side-by-side button.

Try Side by side diff 2012