Rest assured with Pipelines build notifications in HipChat

Bitbucket Pipelines integration with HipChat
Every time you trigger a build in Bitbucket Pipelines, whether by pushing commits or creating a pull request, you have to remain at your desk or constantly refresh your email to see if the build has passed. You don’t like wearing the cone of shame for a failed build and would like to get notified ASAP asynchronously.

Introducing HipChat notifications for Bitbucket Pipelines

Many software teams use HipChat to share ideas and stay connected regarding their team’s latest commits, pull requests, or the latest meme. If you are one of those teams, we’ve added a long-awaited HipChat integration with Bitbucket Pipelines. Now get feedback even faster with build status updates via HipChat.

Enable HipChat notifications for Pipelines

To enable HipChat notifications for Bitbucket Pipelines, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Enable the HipChat for Bitbucket Cloud integration
  2. Go to your Bitbucket team or repository settings page and click HipChat integration.
  3. Under the section Notify the room with activity in these areas, select the boxes for Started, Successful, and/or Failed.

Voila! you are good to go…

Haven’t tried Bitbucket Pipelines?

Bitbucket Pipelines is a continuous delivery service built right within Bitbucket so you can code, test, and deploy from a single tool with a unified workflow. There’s no need to switch to another application, no need to juggle permissions and access, or setup servers – just use Bitbucket Pipelines and get unlimited concurrent builds.

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