Scheduled maintenance Monday, April 11, 1am GMT up to one hour

We recently began to overhaul Bitbucket’s events system, which powers our dashboard page. We got caught up in all the NoSQL hype a while ago and began to store and retrieve events using Redis for the sake of speed and performance. Our Redis instance has grown to over 10GB, which is pretty big for a in-memory database. While Redis isn’t causing us any particular problems at the moment we’ve been looking at alternatives. We found that after some simple PostgreSQL configuration and query optimizations pulling events from our database is even faster than Redis.

Starting Monday, April 11st, 01:00 GMT we’re going to restart our PostgreSQL servers to pick up configuration changes to support our events system overhaul.

In the coming weeks we’ll deploy our revamped events system, which will display more events on your dashboard and allow you to go back further in time.  We expect downtime to be minimal, but we’re also using this opportunity to perform some other less interesting maintenance, such as package upgrades. The entire maintenance window will will last no longer than one hour.

Thanks for your patience as we work to increase Bitbucket’s performance and reliability.