Share your Technical Expertise

Have you ever felt so passionate about a technical topic that you wrote about it? Did you feel pride when someone stumbled across it? Let us amplify that feeling – we invite you to partner with us to create content for developers around the world.

Why are we doing this? So far, we’ve put a lot of focus on teaching the developer community with git tutorialsdevops processes and software development practices. By inviting you to create content based on your experience as a developer, we want to provide our users with a broader view of how other developers create and manage their projects.

What's worked for you, what hasn't. Partner with us and share your perspective.

Why partner with us?

  • Build your personal brand: In each post, we include your author bio with links to your social handles, blog or app on each post. Promote your LinkedIn profile, tell people why they should follow you on social channels or drive some traffic to your app.
  • Content creation skills: Build on your existing credibility and develop your content creation skills. Work closely with our editorial team to fine tune your posts and get it ready to publish.
  • Reach: Atlassian properties and channels have a potential reach into the millions. We'll promote your post on our social channels and often do paid promotions to extend its reach. We also syndicate content on several tech publications.

Here are some topic ideas…or submit your own.

Here are some suggested topic areas but you can submit any topic that will help developers work better.

Bitbucket tips & tricks: Do you have a list of your favorite Bitbucket tips & tricks that you can share with other users?

Code review processes: How do you do code review? Tell us about your check points and process.

Monorepos and Microservices: When is the right or wrong time to use monorepos? Tell us about your experience.

Workflow optimization: How do you use addons, dependency management tools, etc. to optimize your workflow?

CI/CD in the cloud: What were some of the challenges with implementing CI/CD in the cloud and how did you address them?

Cool use cases for web hooks: Have you used web hooks in creative ways? Tell us how.

Managing large repos: How do you deal with the challenges that come with maintaining large repos?

How it works?

First, submit your topic idea. If your topic is a fit for our audience, our editors will reach out to discuss further and answer any questions. Then, you write the post and our editors work with you to make it ready for publication.

If you have any questions, ask us here.

We look forward to working with you and learning from your experiences.