Snippets API, wiki edit restrictions, and more

The Bitbucket team has been hard at work adding features to make your day more productive and Bitbucket even more wonderful to use.

Et voilà… Snippets API, wiki edit restrictions, and relative links in READMEs and Snippets.

Snippets API
Snippets becomes even more of a first-class citizen among Bitbucket resources with the addition of APIs to create, rename, update, and delete Snippets — and more. See documentation here. We just made it easier for you to update your snippets from any third party application.


Wiki edit restrictions
Wiki editing is now restricted by default to those users with write permissions to the parent repository to prevent spamming on wikis. There is a new setting in the repository admin to toggle between this behavior and the previous behavior, where all users with any repo access could edit the wiki.


Relative links in READMEs and Snippets
A fix, really. This answers the very popular issue (#6513) on our public issues board.


Now you can use relative links in READMEs for both files and images. This also makes it possible to link to files from issues, changesets, and pull requests. Images can also be embedded in Snippets. Both "." and ".." path notations are supported, and you can now start a link with "/" to make it relative to the repository root.