SourceTree 1.3 our FREE DVCS client now available

A while back we blogged about Atlassian acquisition of SourceTree – Atlassian’s Mac client for Git and Mercurial distributed version control systems. Today we released version 1.3 of SourceTree and along with the release made a couple announcements – a new SourceTree blog, a revamped website and SourceTree is now FREE forever.

The Feautres

Git Submodules

Bitbucket supports Git submodules, and now so does SourceTree. Reference external repos and structure your projects the way you want them.

Custom Actions

Add your own features to SourceTree with Custom Actions. Custom actions allow you to run custom scripts or processes right in SourceTree’s menus as if they were built in.

Integrate with JIRA

Follow links directly back to your JIRA issues from commit messages from within SourceTree.

We didn’t stop there!

  • Mercurial 2.0 Support
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Full screen support on Lion

Check it Out

Get started by connecting SourceTree with Bitbucket's free unlimited private repositories for Git or Mercurial.