SourceTree update includes new Bitbucket integrations

Last week we announced improvements to make branching easy for everyone on your team, from from the novice, to the most experienced developer. The most recent update to SourceTree for Windows and Mac takes branches one step further: It adds new integrations that make checking out your branches and submitting pull requests back to your team easier than ever.

Cloning improvements

Did you know that you can clone your repositories into Bitbucket without having to use the command line? Click the Check out in SourceTree clone option in Bitbucket and Stash, and your clone details will automatically be configured in SourceTree for you to instantly download source.

Check out in SourceTree

With the new versions of SourceTree, when using the Bitbucket Check out in SourceTree button after creating a new branch, some extra help is given: If you've already got a checked-out copy of the repository you're attempting to clone, SourceTree will show you the existing, and switch the working copy to your newly created branch.

Create pull requests via SourceTree

If your team is like ours, you’ll want to submit a pull request on Bitbucket after finishing up your commits on your local branch – a task that involves pushing your code, navigating to your repository, creating a pull request, selecting the branches, picking your reviewers, and submitting. That’s a lot of clicks.

Create PR from SourceTree

But with this latest update, you can cut out several steps from your daily dev cycle by creating pull requests straight from SourceTree. Just click on the menu item (Repository > Create pull request) and away you go.

Get SourceTree for free!

If you're new to Git or Mercurial, or just want a handy tool to make you even faster, download SourceTree for Windows or Mac – it's free!

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