Stay focused by marking PR files as reviewed

When you’re reviewing a pull request, it’s helpful to distinguish between files that you’ve already looked at, and ones that still need your attention. So now, Bitbucket Cloud lets you explicitly mark files as viewed when you’re done reviewing them.

When you mark a file as viewed, that file will be collapsed so you can focus on the files that still need your review. When you return to a pull request, Bitbucket remembers the state of files that you’ve previously marked as viewed, and they are collapsed automatically.

When new commits to the source branch alter any files that you’ve marked as viewed, Bitbucket resets the “viewed” state for these files, so that it’s clear you need to re-review them.

During your code review, a progress bar at the top of the PR shows how close you are to completing your review of all the files.

Get started today

Marking files as viewed is available today for all users of Bitbucket Cloud. We think you’re going to love how it helps you stay focused while you’re doing code reviews.

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