Updatable websites with Bitbucket and CloudCannon

This guest post is written by Mike Neumegen, co-founder of CloudCannon. Mike's passionate about startups, discovering new technologies, and web design.

Bitbucket provides developers with great workflows for collaborating on software projects. So why can't we have these workflows when building websites for non-developers?

What if you could deploy websites straight from Bitbucket? What if you could build static websites and have the power of a full blown CMS? What if non-developers could update content and have changes pushed back to your Bitbucket repository?

The new CloudCannon Bitbucket add-on makes all of this possible.

What is CloudCannon?

CloudCannon helps agencies and enterprises build websites for non-developers. Developers build a static or Jekyll site and push it to a Bitbucket repository. CloudCannon synchronizes the files and deploys the site live. Non-developers log in and update the content inline. All changes are synced between CloudCannon and Bitbucket.

Netflix, Engine Yard, Agencies, and Freelancers use CloudCannon to rapidly deploy websites for marketing teams and clients.

Introducing the Atlassian Connect add-on

The CloudCannon Atlassian Connect add-on allows you to work on websites without leaving Bitbucket. Deploy your static/Jekyll website directly from your repository and have non-developers update content in seconds.

To get started, navigate to the Bitbucket add-on directory and install CloudCannon.

CloudCannon Add-on

How it works for developers

Once you install the add-on, visit one of your repositories and a CloudCannon option will be available in the sidebar. Selecting this option will allow you to create sites from this repository. If you already have CloudCannon sites attached to this repository they will be visible here.​

CloudCannon Menu Item

After adding a site, your files are cloned from your selected branch. A few seconds later, you have a live website. CloudCannon automatically compiles, optimizes, and deploys your site to a CDN. Any changes you make on that branch appear on CloudCannon. As a developer you can update locally through Git or using the CloudCannon code editor. Changes made on CloudCannon push back to Bitbucket.​

CloudCannon File browser

How it works for non-developers

Non-developers update content inline without the need to understand Git or the underlying files. CloudCannon abstracts all of that away with a clean and easy to use interface. Just add class=”editable” to any element to allow the non-developer to edit it inline. They can also update metadata and create blog posts through a simple interface.

Get started with CloudCannon and Bitbucket

The CloudCannon Atlassian Connect add-on enables new workflows for the entire team. Developers can build sites locally and deploy them directly from Bitbucket. Non-developers push changes seamlessly by updating content visually.

If you need help setting up your first site, have a read of our get started tutorial, get in touch at support@cloudcannon.com, or post a comment below.