Updated diff view for moved or renamed files in Bitbucket Cloud

On the heels of other improvements to code review that we recently released, today we’re updating the diff view to better represent moved or renamed files in Git repositories. This will speed up your code review by collapsing files whose contents have not changed—enabling you to jump right into the code that actually requires review. No more wading through large blocks of code for moved or renamed files!


Try out the new view for renamed/moved files today by visiting the "Labs" page (“Bitbucket settings” → “Labs”) and turning on “Show renamed/moved files in diffs“:


While you’re there, check out the “improved pull request list” if you haven’t already. We've updated the pull request list to make it easier for you to quickly find the pull requests you need to review and show the state of a review at a glance. We'll be rolling out both these features to everyone over the next few weeks. Happy code reviewing!