Updated list of TLS Cipher suites for Webhook requests

Atlassian is making changes to how our infrastructure processes Webhook requests originating from our systems. This change is designed to enhance the security of Webhook requests and ensure we are meeting all relevant industry standards in relation to HTTPS and general web security.

This change will impact the list of TLS Ciphers supported by Webhook requests originating from Atlassian systems. To see the updated list of TLS Ciphers supported, please refer to: https://support.atlassian.com/security-and-access-policies/docs/supported-security-protocols-for-atlassian-cloud-products/#Supported-cipher-suites

For the vast majority of users, this change will have zero impact. However, we do anticipate that for a very small minority of users, errors may be encountered in regards to Webhook requests, particularly in relation to TLS.

This change will come into effect from the 23rd of August 2023. If you begin experiencing TLS related issues with Webhook requests after this date, please review the configuration of the web-server the requests are being sent to and ensure it is configured to support one of the TLS Ciphers specified.