Updated Status Site

Status Site

We are happy to announce that we’ve updated our status.bitbucket.org site to contain a whole heap of improvements.


We understand that when Bitbucket is unavailable that you, our users, can’t get your work done. We take this responsibility very seriously.

To meet our availability goals we monitor all aspects of the Bitbucket service. Our new status site provides deeper insight into this status.

We now provide automated updates to the availability of:

  • The website and API
  • SSH access to Git and Mercurial
  • Git access via HTTPS
  • Mercurial access via HTTPS
  • Source downloads

One of our values here at Atlassian is Open Company, No Bullshit. To that end we are now publishing some important statistics related to how well Bitbucket is servicing you. The status site now shows:

  • Website availability, our uptime as monitored by Pingdom
  • The average response time for our website and API
  • The average response time for Git access
  • The average response time for Mercurial access

Leveraging the community to make it all go

Our new status site is powered by the amazing folks over at statuspage.io. These guys have an awesome product that integrates with all of our existing monitoring tools such as NewRelic and Pingdom.

We were able to get our initial site setup in under 2 hours. They also allow a great level of customization that allowed our designer to make the site look and feel just like home.