Wiki macros

In your Bitbucket wiki-pages, you have access to data from the issue tracker through a set of wiki macros:

Link to a specific issue

Syntax: <<issue 1>> Result: A link to the issue with id 1 in your repository’s issue tracker.

Link to an issue query

Syntax: <<query ?status=open&status=new All open issues>> Result: A link to all issues with status open or new, where the link text is “All open issues”.

List all issues for a milestone (or show count)

Syntax: <<milestone Beta 1>> Result: A list of issues for milestone “Beta 1”, with links and status for each issue.

List all issues for a query

Syntax: <<issues ?status=open&status=new count|list|compact>> Result: Lists all issues that match the query (status is open or new) in one of two optional styles, or shows the number of issues that match the query.

<<issues ?status=open&status=new list>> shows a full list of open or new issues, in the same layout as the milestone-macro.

<<issues ?status=open&status=new compact>> shows a list of open or new issues, but only the issue id with a link to each issue in the tracker.

Usage example for count: “There are currently <<issues ?status=open&status=new count>> open issues for our project.”

Link to a changeset

Syntax: <<changeset 45cc878df717>> Result: A link to changeset 45cc878df717’s diff-view.