High CPU load after enabling plugin.

Issue #20 resolved
Vitaliy Fuks
created an issue

Looks like a couple hours after we enabled this plugin our CPU load (by Stash JVM) started creeping up, eventually getting to about load-average of 30. This didn't appear to cause any issues other than slight slowness in Stash.

Disabling plugin instantly decreases amount of CPU used by Stash and system load drops rapidly.

Our instance is relatively small (dozens of repos, dozens of users, maybe one pull request per hour?). I don't have too much freedom to debug things on a running system, but let me know what would be helpful. I did not see anything obvious in log files, but I can enabled JMX over the weekend and take a look there.

This is Stash 2.10.0 and plugin 1.2.2

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  1. Georgy Bolyuba

    I do not see any job running in background as the result of installing the plugin. Work is done only when users request a page. Plugin configuration is stored using ActiveObjects from atlassian and AO uses DB which might not be used if other plugins do not need it. Pure speculation really, but atm I cannot think of anything else. If you can provide some profiling info I might be able to look into this further.

  2. Georgy Bolyuba

    I traced some (not quite as high as you described) CPU time on my instance to the notification part. 1.2.4 version has a fix for that. Please let me know if issue persists.

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