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The program automatizes the downloading, erasing and configuation of i-gotU GT-120 and GT-600 GPS trackers. You can predefine the actions and the program will execute them. You will be alerted if you need to connect the next GPS tracker.


The program works with windows 8.1 and @ trip PC V5.0.1305.871. Other version of Windows and @ trip PC might work but are not tested.


The program is a macro. This means that the program will take over the control over your mouse and keyboard. When the macro is active you can stop it only with the hotkeys below. Please don't run any other programs or try to do other work while the macro is running. This can disrupt the maco and may lead to a data loss of your work.


Install @ trip PC

  1. Downalod @ trip PC from
  2. Please install @ trip PC in English. You can select English in the advanced installation options. You can download the software from

Configure @ trip PC

  1. Run @ trip PC

Disable update window

  1. Go to "Software Setting"
  2. Remove the checkmark from "Enable Update Reminder"
  3. Confirm with [OK]

Disable update animation

Disable auto import wizard

  1. Open the Import Wizard
  2. Click on [Next]
  3. Remove the checkmark from "Lauch Import Wizard automitically next time"

Disable import wizard animation

  1. Close @ trip PC

Download igotU helper

  1. Download the latest igot U helper
  2. Unpack the zip file.
  3. Run the "i gotU helper.exe"


  • [Ctrl]+[Esc] Close the program
  • [Ctrl]+[r] Restart the program / return to the user interface
  • [Ctrl]+[p] pause / unpause the program (may interupt the program and requires a restart)