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The macro does not work

Make sure that the program is installed in English. If your program is installed in another language please reinstall the program and use the advanced installation option to choose English as program language.

The windows smart screen blocks the program

Click on "more info" and than on [Run anyway].

Disable SmartScreen

My anti virus scanner blocks the program

At your own risk you can go offline / disable any network connection and disable the scanner.

I installed the program in English but the program uses another language

You have to remove the languages files in the program directory of @ trip PC manually.

Macro stops on update window

  1. Close the macro [Ctrl]+[Esc]
  2. Go to "Software Setting"
  3. Remove the checkmark from "Enable Update Reminder"
  4. Confirm with [OK]

Disable update animation

Macro stops on import wizard

  1. Close the macro [Ctrl]+[Esc]
  2. Disconnect any igotU tracker from the computer
  3. Open the Import Wizard
  4. Click on [Next]
  5. Remove the checkmark from "Lauch Import Wizard automitically next time"

Disable import wizard animation

I have a problem and can't find a solution

Please report your problem on the issues page.