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Welcome to the wiki of OpenMarkov, an open source tool for building and evaluating probabilistic graphical models.

For users

You can download OpenMarkov's executables from the users' page.

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For developers

You should first install an IDE and then download the repositories.

Wiki pages:

Other resources:

Using OpenMarkov as an API

If you wish to use OpenMarkov as an API, you will need to download OpenMarkov's repositories and import them into your IDE. Then you should create a project in your IDE, declare the dependencies on the necessary OpenMarkov's subprojects (see OpenMarkov's organization), and generate a jar file with Maven.

As an example, we have created the project exampleAPI. You can clone it on your computer using Git and rename it. Then rename the file and adapt it to your needs. Don't forget to update the pom.xml file, which will be used by Maven to compile the jar file.

Contributing your code as an external developer

If you have written an extension for OpenMarkov in the form of a new subproject, please contact us at to discuss including it in the "official" releases.

In some cases, we will allow external developers to modify OpenMarkov's existing modules (subprojects). In this case:

  1. Create a branch of the subproject in your Bitbucket repository. This way, when you wish, the developers at the CISIAD will be able to examine the new code.
  2. Once the code is approved and the contributor signs a distribution agreement licence, the contribution will be merged with the "official" code.

Reporting bugs

We encourage you to inform us in our issue tracker. When informing, please make sure that your issue has not been already reported.
Thanks in advance for your collaboration.


If you need any help, contact us at