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Welcome to the wiki of OpenMarkov, an open source tool for building and evaluating probabilistic graphical models. Here we explain how to set things up either to explore it or to collaborate in its development.

WARNING: At this moment we are making a transition to version 0.3.0. This version still has known issues but it is available in the main page

Browsing OpenMarkov's code

The easiest way to browse OpenMarkov's code or to use it as an API is from within an IDE. Please follow the next steps:

  1. Understand OpenMarkov's organization
  2. Install an IDE and Git
  3. Download OpenMarkov repositories and browse through the code.

Developing your own code

Once you have browsed OpenMarkov's code, as explained above, there are different ways of developing your own code:

  1. Using OpenMarkov as an API;
  2. Writing an extension for OpenMarkov, such as a new inference method or a new learning algorithm;
  3. Contributing your code to OpenMarkov's project.

Reporting bugs

Should you find bugs in the application, we encourage you to report them in our issue tracker. Before you report a bug please make sure that it has not been already reported. Thanks in advance for your collaboration.