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The cjdSkunkWorks proudly presents a fully function ASCOM driver for the Meade Telescopes.

Please note, that this was originally designed for the #497 Autostar, but has since been expanded and every Meade telescope model will be considered.

will it work with my scope? - Click the link to see what scopes are confirmed, etc.

This driver has been created after discovering that the Meade LX200 Classic and Autostar #494, #495, and #497 (combined telescope/focuser, 5.0.4) driver does not implement enough features to allow the telescope to be properly operated remotely.

Specific features that were known to be missing are the ability to * set the current date & time, * set the current site lat and long * execute nudge commands to allow Sky Safari to control the scope via WIFI Scope or Sequence Generator Pro.

known issues that this driver also attempts to resolve * fix and issue where trying to use the focusser through Backyark EOS could cause a crash leaving the focusser running

The intention of this project is to create a fully functional driver for the Meade telescope

Whilst this driver is less than a year old, it is maturing fast and has been proven to work with lots of Meade Telescopes.

Settings all about the driver settings.

Release History and links to the downloads

Roadmap for future development

Developers if you would like to help develop this driver.


There is also an issue tracker built into this site.

Join the Discord server This is something new that I'm trying to see if it will help with getting faster turn around for communications. I've created channels for support, and for software development related to the driver.


I would like to thank the following people for helping to create and test this project. This project would not be possible without the assistance of Meade Telescope owners and the ASCOM Platform.

  • The Ascom Development Team
  • Brad Kline
  • Mike Waring
  • Sebastian Godelet

How to make a trace log file.