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Welcome to the Wiki pages of the HL7 Inspector NEO.

Enjoy :-)

What is the HL7 Inspector NEO?

The HL7 Inspector NEO is a simple small online HL7 message editor. It is the web based version of the old HL7 Inspector desktop version. The application is still under developing and just for experimental use.

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Release Notes can be found here.

How secure are my HL7 messages in the HL7 Inspector NEO?

No collection of analytical data. (Google Analytics, etc.) The HL7 Inspector doesn't upload or send any HL7 messages to any server.

The web-application runs completely on client site in your browser. The configuration and profiles will be stored in your local browser storage.


The HL7 Inspector is mainly tested with the latest version of Google Chrome web browser. It should also run with other popular web browsers like IE or Firefox.

If you find a bug so don't hesitate and submit a bug.