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hl7inspector-neo / Release Notes


  • XML/CDA encoding fixed


  • Message compare feature added
  • Drag'N'Drop of multiple files with multiple messages added
  • Paste of snippets with multiple messages added
  • Theme support added
  • Feature #28: I18N support added (German) added
  • Message store improved (a.o. messages are stored in the local storage instead of in the session storage)
  • Profile support improved
  • Display of encoded values improved
  • Some little UX improvements added
  • And a lot of other small bug fixes and improvements
  • JavaFX support removed
  • ...and unfortunately some new bugs 😉


  • Feature #30: Datetype "TS" "DTM" value presenter added.
  • Feature #29 Analytic tool from Piwik to Google changed.
  • Imprint updated


  • Issue #26 Tooltips doesn't work anymore. Fixed
  • Feature #24 Remove empty message from left message menu. Added
  • Feature #25 Loading of message samples can be configured. Added
  • Feature #27 Using local font awesome. Added


  • Issue #23 Invalid cursor position detection when selecting field in MSH segment. Fixed
  • Issue #21 Side menu bar looks strange when width of browser to small. Fixed
  • Feature #8 Receive messages successful completed added
  • Feature #22 Download support of embedded data added
  • Feature #20 Pasting/dropping of message snippet's/files improved
  • Feature #19 Loading screen added
  • And a lot of other small bug fixes and improvements


  • Open new tab/window when reporting a bug
  • Issue #17 No error response appear when unable to decode embedded PDF. Fixed
  • Representation of OBX-5 values improved


  • Little bug fix


  • Issue #14 Embedded images in ED fields not visible in IE11. Fixed
  • Issue #16 Values not correctly displayed in value presenter panel when selecting fields/components of rep fields. Fixed


  • PDF viewer for embedded values (Data type "ED") added
  • Embedded image viewer (Data type "ED") added
  • Issue #13 Changes in the text editor will be lost when switching to tree view. Fixed


  • Edit profile support added


  • Simple field validation added


  • Common bug fixing
  • Issue #10 Unable to parse message log correct. Segments missing. Fixed
  • Profile upload/download feature added


  • Bug fixing at all
  • Issue #9 HL7 document database integration. Added
  • Issue #7 About dialog doesn't work on "Imprint" page. Fixed
  • Send message feature added
  • UI improved


  • First experimental release