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Man vs Bot

Board games form part of a multi million industry. Player to player interaction is the essence of increasing demand for board games. However, in the recent years, this industry has lacked innovation and novelty. In this digitally emerging world, technology has led to wide expanse of innovations. However, research shows that it has also led to an alarming increase in the loneliness which in turn has led to increasing introverts and unmotivated human beings. We introduce a novel low-cost, portable system called 'man vs bot' to improve user interaction that can be used between a human and a robotic arm to play a 2 player board game. The assembly involves a convolution of hardware and software where a smart Artificial Intelligence algorithm will have the ability to predict its moves based on the situation on-board and make a move with the help of the robotic arm.

Final Demonstration Video

Hardware Report

Software Report

System Overview


Team Intelli5 Members:

  • Dhanesh Pradhan

  • Yashank Sakhardande

  • Mihir Patankar

  • Vignesh Srinivasan



Check out the links for hardware and software parts of our project