Better measurements standard.

Issue #181 resolved
Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

New standard:

  • Have reserved measurements names that program can translate.
  • Have very simple structure for measurement <m name="" value="" description="">.
  • If program will find known name she will translate it.
  • Change dialog creation list of measurements.
  • File can contain only several measurements instead of all list that we know (support).
  • Allow don't use measurements file at all.
  • Canonical path to individual measurements file.
  • Fix path to standard measurements file if pattern file was moved.

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  1. Susan Spencer

    Here is the latest measurement graphic as of 2015/07/24 Half arcs were added in Group D (D26 - D41). Half widths were added in Group F (F8, F9, F10, F11) and Group G (G5). Groups A, O and P were reorganized. This is now complete for the pattern systems that have been reviewed (54 systems). If anyone has additions please let me know. The measurements in green are more accurate when calculated from other measurements. measurement-body-diagram_20150704_2_50dpi.png

  2. Susan Spencer

    Here is the list of patternmaking systems which were studied to get the measurements list


    • Aldrich/Men, Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear, Winifred Aldrich
    • Aldrich/Women, 'Metric Pattern Cutting for Women''s Wear', Winifred Aldrich
    • Allemong, European Cut, Elizabeth M. Allemong
    • American Garment Cutter, The Great War: Styles and Patterns of the 1910s, ed. R. L. Shep
    • Barnfield and Richard, Pattern Making Primer, Jo Barnfield and Andrew Richards
    • Bray, Dress Pattern Designing: The Basic Principles of Cut and Fit, Natalie Bray
    • Brown, Art in Dress, P. Clement Brown
    • Bunka, Fundamentals of Garment Design, Bunka Fashion College
    • Castro, Patternmaking in Practic, Lucia Mors de Castro
    • Centre Point System, The Handbook of Practical Cutting on the Centre Point System, Louis Devere
    • Davis, 'Men''s 17th & 18th Century Costume, Cut & Fashion', R. I. Davis
    • Doyle, 'Sarah''s Key to Pattern Drafting', Sarah J. Doyle
    • Dressmaking International, Dressmaking International magazine (Japan), Dressmaking International
    • Eddy, Pattern and Dress Design, Josephine F. Eddy and Elizabeth C. B. Wiley
    • Ekern, Slacks Cut-to-Fit for Your Figure, Doris Ekern
    • Erwin, Practical Dress Design, Mabel D. Erwin
    • Friendship/Men, 'Pattern Cutting for Men''s Costume', Elizabeth Friendship
    • Friendship/Women, Creating Historical Clothes - Pattern Cutting from the 16th to the 19th Centuries, Elizabeth Friendship
    • Fukomoto, 'Scientific Pattern Drafting as taught at Style Center School of Costume Design, Dressmaking and Millinery', Sue S. Fukomoto
    • Gilewska, Pattern-Drafting for Fashion: The Basics, Teresa Gilewska
    • Gough, Principles of Garment Cutting, E. L. G. Gough
    • Grimble, Fashions of the Gilded Age, Frances Grimble
    • Handford, 'Professional Patternmaking for Designers: Women''s Wear, Men''s Casual Wear', Jack Handford
    • Hillhouse & Mansfield, Dress Design: Draping and Flat Pattern Making, Marion S. Hillhouse and Evelyn A. Mansfield
    • Joseph-Armstrong, Patternmaking for Fashion Design, Helen Joseph-Armstrong
    • Kershaw, Patternmaking for Menswear, Gareth Kershaw
    • Kim & Uh, Apparel Making in Fashion Design, Injoo Kim and Mykyung Uh
    • Kimata, 'K.Kimata''s Simplified Drafting Book for Dressmaking', K. Kimata
    • Knowles/Men, The Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Menswear, Lori A. Knowles
    • Knowles/Women, 'Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Juniors, Misses, and Women', Lori A. Knowles
    • Kopp, How to Draft Basic Patterns, 'Ernestine Kopp, Vittorina Rolfo, Beatrice Zelin, Lee Gross'
    • Kunick, 'Sizing, Pattern Construction and Grading for Women''s and Children''s Garments', Philip Kunick
    • Lady Boutique, Lady Boutique magazine (Japan), Lady Boutique
    • Lo, Pattern Cutting, Dennic Chunman Lo
    • Loh & Lewis, Patternless Fashion Design, May Loh and Diehl Lewis
    • MacLochlainn, The Victorian Tailor: An Introduction to Period Tailoring, Jason MacLochlainn
    • Mason, 'Gertrude Mason''s Patternmaking Book', Gertrude Mason
    • Master Designer, 'Master Designer''s System of Designing, Cutting and Grading', 'The Master Designer (Chicago, IL)'
    • McCunn, How to Make Your Own Sewing Patterns, Donald H. McCunn
    • Minister & Son, The Complete Guide to Practical Cutting (1853), 'Edward Minister & Son, ed. R. L. Shep'
    • Mitchell, '"Standard" Work on Cutting (Men''s Garments) 1886: The Art and Science of Garment Cutting', Jno. J. Mitchell
    • Moore, 'Dorothy Moore''s Pattern Drafting and Dressmaking', Dorothy Moore
    • ' Morris, F. R.', Ladies Garment Cutting and Making, F. R. Morris
    • ' Morris, K.', Sewing Lingerie that Fits, Karen Morris
    • Pivnick, How to Design Beautiful Clothes: Designing and Pattern Making, Esther Kaplan Pivnick
    • Rohr, 'Pattern Drafting and Grading: Women''s nd Misses'' Garment Design', M. Rohr
    • Shelton, Design and Sew Jeans, Karla J. Shelton
    • Strickland, A Tailoring Manual, Gertrude Strickland
    • Sugino, 'Pattern Drafting Vols. I, II, III (Japan)', Dressmaking
    • Supreme System, 'The Blue Book of Men''s Tailoring, Grand Edition of Supreme System for Producing Mens Garments (1907)', Frederick T. Croonberg
    • 'Thornton''s International System', 'Men''s Garments 1830 - 1900: A Guide to Pattern Cutting and Tailoring', R. I. Davis
    • 'Thornton''s International System', The Great War: Styles and Patterns of the 1910s, ed. R. L. Shep
    • Waugh, Corsets and Crinolines, Norah Waugh
    • Zarapkar, Zarapkar System of Cutting, Shri K. R. Zarapkar and Shri Arvind K. Zarapkar
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