New feature: 3D Visualisation

Issue #336 wontfix
Susan Spencer created an issue

Add feature for 3D garment simulation, using Blender or other means. Garment simulation could include fabric textures, lighting, etc.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    the biggest blocker on this is getting a sane scripted way to get a quad/tri mesh from an svg outline. the biggest issue is getting a line of matching verts on either side of a seam. can you dummy up a svg pattern so i can sort it out??

  2. Susan Spencer reporter

    'Dummying up' a pattern is demonstrated in this video, I think that part has been figured out for a while.

    In Valentina, the first step required is to implement Passmarks ( issue #157) in order to match a seam in one pattern piece to a seam in a second pattern piece.

    In addition, other notch types will be required to define sections of 'ease', where the meshes along a seam are the same number as, yet wider than, the meshes on its matching seam.

    And there will be issues with representing and stitching tucks and darts in the 3D pattern.

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