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pyShipCommand / Ship


A Ship is the only creatable and malleable entity in the entire game. They can be constructed by the player and given differing Python AI Scripts to modify their behavior. In addition to player defined scripts, a ships behavior and purpose will most likely be defined, at creation time, with the specification of certain Ship Attributes.

Ship Attributes

Cargo CapacityDefines the resource storage capabilities of the Ship.
Hull StrengthThe quintessential base HP of the Ship.
Crew SizeCertain Auxiliary Equipment require a particular crew size for valid operation. This makes more advanced Equipment dependent on not only the number of Auxiliary Equipment, but the size of the crew needed to support that equipment.
Auxiliary SlotsThe number of Auxiliary Slots will define the overall specialized capabilities of each ship. These can either be generalized or specialized functions of each ship.

Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes can not be define explicitly by the Player, but are calculated based on various factors, including the Ship Attributes and Equipment installed.

Max Velocity
RadiusThe ship's overall spacial footprint.

Ship API

A single script can be attached to each ship and have access to whatever information the ship has available to it. To retrieve the data of the ship, as well as control it, a limited API is available for use. By gaining access to the particular equipment available to the ship, more APIs may be accessed.

getPositionReturns the current position of the ship.
getVelocityReturns the current velocity of the ship.
getHeadingReturns a normalized vector of the current direction the ship is facing.
getSpeedReturns the absolute speed of the ship.
getTargetReturns the target object of the ship.
getDataReturns the persistent memory module of the ship.
getEquipmentGains access to the equipment API and whatever functions they may provide.