Commit information not populating in JIRA

Issue #91 resolved
Scott Cody created an issue

We have set up Jigit plugin to connect to our Gitlab instance. Commits are indexing, but only from master, even though all branches is selected.

We are using Jira Server 7.13.9 and GitLab Enterprise Edition 12.1.6-ee

Tried to manually include the branch with commits for the ticket we are using to test, but it did not find any commits.

Assume there is some issue with our config, but not sure where to look.

Branch on gitlab that has several commits with the name of the test ticket (PLATFORM-8629):

Config with branch selected:

Config with ALL branches selected:

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  1. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Hi Scott,

    Please, enable logging level INFO for package “jigit“ in Jira logging settings. Than, grep Jira logs by “jigit“ word to find information about what goes wrong.

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