4.0RC3 - Closing tabs of non-existent dats are not saved in config

Issue #110 closed
Wanderer created an issue

Have some tabs of non-existent dats. Close all of them (now, in RC3, RC does not crash). Close RC. Open it again. The same tabs are shown again.

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    @wanderer, I tried on rc3 version and can't reproduce the problem. Can you describe simple operations to get the error, or send me a log file ? Thanks

  2. Wanderer reporter

    Even though i went to C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\romcenter\RomCenter.exe_Url_<BLAH>\and deleted all subfolders, romcenter somehow remembers that i had some dats open (i have opened and closed them several times since the first RC4 betas).

    I close them, close romcenter and next time i reopen it, there they are again. Where does romcenter store the last opened files? Perhaps i can send you that file so you can try to reproduce the problem.

  3. Wanderer reporter

    After some search, it appears i have reported the same issue as #84 and #17, with different wording. You have done some work on it and contrary to what we both believed, it has not been resolved. Hopefully my last question (10 minutes ago) will lead to the proper direction to finally solve it.

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