region and 1g1r filtering issues

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Issue #60 resolved
Former user created an issue

How to reproduce: 1) grab standard no-intro gameboy dat 2) region filter by USA, world, & unknown only 3) run a miss list against an empty directory - shows 521 games

4) grab the p/c no-intro gameboy dat 5) 1g1r - US only (some world and unk roms will default as parents, that's why we include them above) 6) run a miss list against empty directory - shows 546 games

when you run a vlookup on the 1g1r list against the standard list, there are 4 "missing" as N/A's that should be on the standard dat list:

-2 are left off of the standard miss list perhaps because they list "japan" first? i haven't checked other dats to see if the issue exist with those or not. Fastest Lap (Japan, USA) | "Fastest Lap (Japan, USA) (rom)" Hatris (Japan, USA) | "Hatris (Japan, USA) (rom)"

-1 has a an issue with the using the "rom name" (standard dat) vs "release name" (1g1r) in being used in the miss list Boxxle II (USA, Europe) | "Boxxle II (USA, Europe) (european shaped box contains USA-cartridge) (rom)" Boxxle II (USA, Europe) | "Boxxle II (USA, Europe) (rom)"

-1 has some sort of formatting/text/space error.. can't locate it exactly and/or excel is being weird Lock n' Chase ~ Lock 'n' Chase (World) | "Lock n' Chase ~ Lock 'n' Chase (World) (rom)

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