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Issue #12 resolved
Rob van Bommel created an issue

When configuring the dashboard gadget, I can select a filter, but the other dropdown fields are not populated. This renders the add-on unusable for me.

The following details might be helpful: - Jira version: 6.4.12 - Search custom fields gadget add-on version: 1.4.3 - I selected a filter that contains issues with custom fields

If more info is needed, please let me know. Hope you can help me, the add-on seems mighty helpful for me :)

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  1. Jozef Kotlár

    Hello, there is probably error in generated JSON with field names - we have similar error with filter names.

    It would be really helpful, if you can upload response from this URL http://YOUR-JIRA-BASE-URL/rest/eea-search-fields/1.0/gadget/searchfields

  2. Rob van Bommel reporter

    I just checked the JSON myself and it is incorrect indeed. We have custom field names containing double quotes ("). Is there any way these can be escaped in the add-on code? I don't have the opportunity to change the field names because of other dependencies.

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