Neutron star gallery example produces output different from what is shown on website in ET_Tesla

Issue #2118 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

The gallery example produces output significantly different from what is shown in the gallery. Namely the maximum density drops to ~88% of the correct value compared to only ~97% in the plot in the gallery.

Attached please find stdout, data file and the plot.

| Release | Date | ρmax |

| Gallery | 2013-05 | rho_max.png | | Gauss | 2013-05 | rho-Gauss.png | | HerschelCXX | 2014-11 | rho-HerschelCXX.png | | Herschel | 2014-11 | rho-Herschel.png | | HilbertF90 | 2015-05 | rho-HilbertF90.png | | Hilbert | 2015-05 | rho-Hilbert.png | | Sommerville | 2015-11 | rho-Sommerville.png | | PayneGaposhkin | 2016-12 | rho-PayneGaposhkin.png | | masterF90 | 2017-02 | rho-masterF90.png | | master | 2017-02 | rho.png |

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  1. Roland Haas reporter
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    I will try and see if I can find out if there is any ET release that reproduces the plot on the website.

    Note that until #2117 is fixed one cannot run the parfile with more than one MPI rank and the proposed release code.

  2. Roland Haas reporter
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    The difference shows up between the Herschel (good) and Hilbert (bad) releases:

    || Herschel || 2014-11 || [[Image(rho-Herschel.png, 50%)]] || || Hilbert || 2015-05 || [[Image(rho-Hilbert.png, 50%)]] ||

    which happens to be when the 'default' code in GRHydro switched from F90 (Herschel) to CXX (Hilbert). However flipping the use_cxx_code parameter does not affect the output so that it does not seem to be a difference between CXX and F90 code but something else that changed in between the releases.

  3. Roland Haas reporter
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    I ran git bisect which eventually reports:

    commit cef0ee829c329d5edbfb288a94c8379b2fa32d62
    Author: Frank Loeffler <>
    Date:   Mon Nov 24 09:25:42 2014 -0600
        GRHydro: remove dependency on ADMMacros::spatial_order
        Introduce GRHydro::sources_spatial_order in favor of
        ADMMacros::spatial_order. Only the location (and name) of the parameter

    so I will try what happens if I use the new parameter GRHydro::sources_spatial_order.

  4. Roland Haas reporter
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    Yup, that was it, adding "GRHydro::sources_spatial_order = 4" restores the old plot:

    [[Image(rho-source_spatial_order4.png, 50%)]]

    I have updated the parfile in the gallery.

    Lesson for the future:

    Though shalt not silently change default behaviour, for backwards compatibility is a fickle god and will be punishing the maintainers for the sin of the developers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate it.

    or so.

  5. Ian Hinder
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    We should probably tell people about this on the mailing list, in case they have some of their own parfiles which need fixing. This will be good even if #2120 is implemented.

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