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WallpaperDownloader / Features

Features (V 3.3)

New Features:

  • New texts in help for users who have installed the application via snap package and want to open the links of the application directly in the browser.

Bugs fixed:

  • Wallpapers downloaded from DualMonitorBackgrounds provider are not blank anymore.

Features (V 3.2)

New Features:

  • All provider URLs have been changed to https except DualMonitorBackground that does not support it.

  • A small indicator has been added to the system tray icon so the user can know, at a glance, if the downloading process is enabled or not.

  • New reset settings button within 'Application Settings' tab.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed certain errors in the system tray icon menu related to the pausing and resuming of the downloading process.

  • The 'Changer' tab is again enabled for Ubuntu 18.04 users who continue to use Unity as their Desktop Environment.

  • Ubuntu 18.04 users with Unity Desktop Environment can again minimize the application on the system tray.

Features (V 3.1)

New Features:

  • New process of re-adjustment "on the fly" when the user changes parameters in the providers tab.

  • Restructuring the 'Application Settings' tab.

  • New tab 'Changer' with all the settings for the automated changer.

  • New option to start the application automatically once the operating system has booted (this option is only available for Linux users who have installed the application natively and not through the snap pack$

Bugs fixed:

  • The WallpaperFusion provider now correctly discriminates downloaded wallpapers when the user has selected the policy 'Only wallpapers with the resolution set by the user'.

  • Now, when the user unchecks a provider or pauses the download process, the harvester stops the process immediately.

Features (V 3.0)

New Features:

  • New look and feel. System look and feel will be inherited (from the operating system) if it is available or Nimbus if not.

  • New icon and system tray icon. Thanks to Jaime Álvarez Fernández!.

  • Close buttons have been removed.

  • Apply button has been removed. Now, all the changes in the GUI will be directly saved and applied.

  • System tray icon enable/disable functionality implemented.

  • Buttons to edit and save some fields have been implemented.

  • Minimize button has been removed for KDE and GNOME desktop environments.

  • New help tab implemented.

  • Cinnamon desktop environment support implemented.

  • Budgie desktop environment support implemented.

  • Pantheon desktop environment support implemented.

Bugs fixed:

  • Scrolls and jlists have been polished.

  • Snap detection has been improved and some problems related to the daemon which checks Internet connectivity in the snap package have been fixed.

  • Fixed http URL for flaticon website.

  • Fixed a bug when user removes certain directories for the changer daemon.

  • Fixed a bug in changer daemon when selecting a random wallpaper in directories where there are no images.

Features (V 2.9)

New Features:

  • Providers tab gets a new design.

  • User can set a global preferred resolution for wallpapers.

  • Download policy implemented which will affect all the providers.

  • User can set the time to minimize the application when starts minimized.

Bugs fixed:

  • Wallpapers from Social Wallpapering provider are now retrieved correctly.

  • Search type in DevianArt provider now works correctly.

  • Wallpapers from Bing provider are now retrieved correctly when the original resolution doesn't match the one defined by the user.

  • WallpaperDownloader can be minimized again in Windows systems.

Features (V 2.8)

New Features:

  • GNOME Shell and KDE Plasma icon tray support added.

  • New provider implemented (DualBackgroundMonitors).

  • New window to choose the wallpaper to be set from all the sources defined.

Bugs fixed:

  • Social Wallpapering provider now paginates correctly.

  • Thumbails preview re-implemented (much more better performance).

  • Implemented a daemon which checks Internet connectivity and starts the harvesting process when detects it.

Features (V 2.7)

New Features:

  • KDE support added (not available in snap package version).

  • Now, user can define several different directories for the automated changer.

  • Pause/resume functionality to download wallpapers.

  • New option to start the application minimized.

  • Changelog added

Bugs fixed:

  • Social Wallpapering provider now stores the image files with the correct suffix

Features (V 2.6)

New Features:

  • Windows 10 support added.

  • Now, user can define the level of notifications.

Features (V 2.5)

New Features:

  • New providers implemented: Devianart, Bing, Social Wallpapering and WallpaperFusion

  • Ubuntu users who have installed the application via snap package can now click on the links in About tab and the browser will be opened. For this integration, it is necessary to install snapd-xdg-open package in the host system.

Bugs fixed:

  • Now, downloads directory size defined by the user is accurately calculated and the application removes no favorite wallpapers randomly until it fits this size.

Features (V 2.4)

New Features:

  • User can define a custom directory for the changer process and it can be different from the download directory. This feature is useful for users who want to download wallpapers in one directory but move them to another one for keeping their collection in a separate location.

  • New button to move all the favorite wallpapers to a custom directory set by the user. It is useful for users who keep another location to save all their wallpapers.

Bugs fixed:

  • Changer now sets favorite and non favorite wallpapers.

Features (V 2.3)

  • Programmable changer: Now, you can program a changer background process to automatically change your wallpaper every 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Changer implemented for XFCE desktop environment (only for native version). not implemented in snap package yet.
  • A new option to change the wallpaper has been implemented from system tray icon.
  • Bugs Fixed:
  1. Now, if a wallpaper is set as favorite, it isn't downloaded again.

  2. Progress bar which shows the space occupied by the wallpapers downloaded is more accurate and it is properly refreshed when new wallpapers are downloaded or removed.

  3. Main window is minimized instead of hiding in system tray in desktop environments that don't support traditional system tray icons (such as GNOME 3 and KDE Plasma 5)

Features (V 2.2)

  • Image preview: New button to preview the wallpaperdownloaded. Delete, set the current wallpaper or set as favorite or unset it directly from the preview window.
  • Changer: A new button has been implemented to set the current wallpaper from the application. It works for GNOME 3, Unity and MATE desktop enviroments and Windws 7 too.

Features (V 2.1)

  • About tab to display contact info implemented.
  • The application now remembers the wallpapers removed by the user. This way, it won't download them again.
  • Incomplete downlads for some wallpapers and PNG downloads fixed.
  • Some parameters used to search within Wallhaven have been either removed or changed in order to work properly.

Features (V 2.0)

  • Wallpaper management revamped. A new interface for managing (delete, set favorite and set no favorite) wallpapers has been implemented. All these tasks are now available in a new window.

Features (V 1.7)

  • A new tab (Wallpapers) has been implemented
  • Last 5 wallpapers feature: Now, the user can see the last 5 wallpapers downloaded and interact with them directly (setting the wallpapers as favorite or removing them)
  • A button (and tool) for managing favorite wallpapers has been implemented
  • A button (and tool) for managing no favorite wallpapers has been implemented
  • A button (and tool) for deleting wallpapers has been implemented

Features (V 1.5)

  • A new feature for changing the downloads directory has been implemented
  • A progress bar is displayed to let the user watch the amount of space occupied within the downloads directory
  • A warning system has been implemented. If the occupied space is higher than 90% (within the downloads directory), the user will be warned

Features (V 1.1)

  • A new button for copying downloads path into the clipboard has been added
  • Some icons have been added
  • DialogManager has been implemented in order to popup information dialogs on the screen

Features (V 1.0)

  • Only one provider implemented (
  • You can type several keywords to search for wallpapers (separated by ;)
  • You can search specific resolution wallpapers or all resolutions available
  • Search type implemented: Relevance, Date added, Views, Favorites, Random
  • You can set the period of time to download the next wallpaper (1, 5, 10, 20, 30 min)
  • You can set tha maximun size for download directory (in MBytes)
  • You can open directly from the application the directory where all the wallpapers are downloaded