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This is a PHP class oriented library aimed to provide a simple but fast way to create charts as simple as possible.

This should not be used in a large enterprise application, albeit there is no restriction whatsoever. It's more a lightweight charting library aimed to be used in small local projects, when you just want to drop 10 files and to get a fully functional charting library (it was written in 10 days for God's sake). If you really need a mature and versatile charting engine then Google Chart may be a good free alternative.

Although it has a modest start, it provides a 2D bar and stacked bar, scattered points, lines, horizontal bar charts and a 3D pie chart class.

Future version

2D area is scheduled for the next weeks.

The next move will be to enhance all the 2D charts to their 3D counterparts.

This project is still under development and new features or fix are made periodically.

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