Bitbucket Features

Unlimited Private Repositories

Host, manage, and share Git and Mercurial repositories in the cloud. Free, unlimited private repositories for up to 5 developers give teams the flexibility to grow and code without restrictions.

Work as a Team

Built with small teams in mind. Consolidate user management, invite members, and automatically share repositories with all your teammates. Get your team working as one.

I’ve said it before but I keep finding reasons to say it again. #Atlassian #Bitbucket is freaking awesome!

Using @Bitbucket since a few hours now and seriously love it already. It makes coding so much more fun. ++1

Bitbucket’s interface is slick and enjoyable.

I like #Bitbucket and I can not lie. Your other coworkers should comply.

For a service that many people use for free, @Bitbucket has an amazing support response. I highly recommend them.

Switched to @Bitbucket + @SourceTree They really rock the git.

#Bitbucket gets better everyday and the interface is awesome!

I love Bitbucket. Just sayin.’

@Bitbucket Awesome how fast and steady you guys keep pushing new features.

Moving all of my private work to @Bitbucket. Overnight @Atlassian has become one of my favorite companies.

@Bitbucket Wow, so many new features coming out lately. :-)

Very happy with all of @Bitbucket's recent changes - it’s like someone reached into my mind and pulled out a list of requirements.

Really starting to like what @Bitbucket is doing. Looking great fellas!

Wow! Bitbucket’s "Approve Pull Request" UX is AWESOME. It shows text diffs AND before/after images. #nice #AwwwwMyFirstTime

Pull Requests and Code Reviews

Pull requests make it easy to review changes on a fork or branch. Discuss the change, make modifications, get your colleague's approval and merge your changes with the push of a button. In-line comments let you hold discussions right in the source code.

Built for JIRA

Track every commit to an issue in JIRA. Link commits simply by including an issue key in the commit messages. Or use smart commits to resolve issues directly by including #resolve in your commit message.


Source Code Insight

Filter your view by branch or tag to see what your teammates are working on. Use the commit history to track your project's activity. Or compare commits, files, branches or forks to see what's changed.

Bitbucket for Enterprises

Atlassian Stash is our Enterprise Git Repository Management Tool for your servers. Fine-grained permissions and powerful management features give you full control of your source code. It's secure, fast and enterprise-grade.

Bitbucket for Mac and Windows

SourceTree is Atlassian's free desktop client for Git and Mercurial. The full power of Git and Mercurial in a beautifully simple application. The best way to access Bitbucket from your desktop.

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Bitbucket in the Cloud SourceTree on Mac SourceTree on Win Stash for Enterprises
Bitbucket in the Cloud SourceTree on Mac SourceTree on Windows Stash for Enterprise

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