QuickTime Player Can't play partial H265(HEVC) MP4 flies in macOS High Sierra(10.13 Beta)

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Rocky Zheng created an issue

As we know hvc1 and hev1 both are HEVC code standard, but QuickTime only can play HEVC MP4 file with code ID hvc1.

After Subler convert any hevc file to MP4, Video code ID awalys be hev1 which can’ t be play in QuickTime player.

I don’t think Apple gonna fix this problem, just like H264 files. so I hope Subler can fix this in the future .

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  1. Damiano Galassi repo owner

    Right now Subler checks the video track extradata, if the "completeness" bit is set (as required by the hvc1 fourcc) hvc1 will be used, if not it will use hevc. Unfortunately mkv always set the completeness bit to zero, so you will always get hev1, even if all the data is already in the track extradata. We can either manually modify the extradata and hope everything will work, or parse the entire video data and recreate the extradata. But it will take some time develop the parser and integrate it in Subler.

  2. Dane Bendixen

    Seems like the OP's comment is inaccurate. Encoding a sample (from MKV/Blu-ray source) with Handbrake (local build with latest code), I get a playable file with 'hvc1' listed as the codec/format:

    Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 11.01.58 PM.png

    So, I don't think this is a problem, but the HB team found that their muxing method for h.265-encoded MP4s wasn't the way Apple wanted it and perhaps not to spec (at least two reference encodes available online work fine with macOS 10.13).

    The HB team mentions that Subler should be able to fix this for problematic files provided remuxing is eventually available for h.265 encodes. See the last comment here.

  3. Armin Lavaee

    OK first thanks for updating the app to work with hvc1 but can you make it to update existing video with hev1 to hvc1, because i need to reimport each of my video so subler change its fourCC. by this i mean i have a video already changed with subler and now when i want to update fourCC i need to remove video file first then reimported the video file so subler changes its fourCC

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