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BrowserChooser2 / Beta2

Release Notes

Default view of Browser Chooser 2

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New Features:

  • Better support for Windows 10 and it's variants (e.g. surface)
  • Many lesser known browsers added to browser detection
  • MS Edge properly detected and added
  • Many UI customization have been added, including:
    • change size of icons
    • change spacing of icons
    • starting position
  • can specify a user agent (default is a generic Mozilla string)
  • added chosen browser icons to list of add/edit browsers
  • can turn off downloading of detections files and update checks
    • note: it was downloaded only on first run or if you hit the detect browser button
  • command line options added to bring you to a specified settings page

Fixed Issues from previous versions:

  • Issue #1: Crash on Win10 open defaults dialog - api has changed in Windows 10
  • Issue #3: Does not properly detect edge / support launching edge
  • Issue #4: Crash on exit. Some systems did not like the way BC2 was exiting. Cleaned up.
  • Issue #5: URL de-shortening could cause wierd URLs to be returned (Facebook). Now sending a user agent string
  • And more crashes.

Special Thanks for new features

  • J. Scott Elblein: Found many bugs and commit some code and ui improvements.
  • _pi for many UI suggestions
  • Norbert T. for raising issues and creative use of the tool!
  • Mitch Geller, sakima, bshamster1, johnlgalt, Paul Trevino, Mark Williams for windows 10 / edge information and testing.
  • Everyone who uses this tool and the many creative ways you use it!!
  • If I missed your suggestion, apologies and thanks!

The documentation has been increased. While not yet complete it is covering the main screen and the configuration screen. The add / edit screens will be added later.

Special thanks to all for testing and proving great feedback!