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BrowserChooser2 / NavigatingMainScreen

Navigating the Main Screen

BC2 when opening an auto-url with a timeout

The Browser Grid

This grid will show your configured browsers and applications. See configuration for instructions on changing this list.

By default, the grid will show the detected browsers on your system. The default shortcuts are 1 to 10, with 0 representing 10. These are automatically assigned to the first 10 options.

You can navigate this grid with the arrows keys. Use the tab key to navigate to the other parts of the screen. Application control Checkboxes

  • Automatically close when selecting a browser (checked by default): Will close BC2 when you select a browser. If you want to open the same link in multiple browsers, first uncheck this box and then you can open as many browsers as you wish.
  • Automatically open in X seconds: Appears only when you are opening an auto-url that does not have a 0 second timeout. After x seconds will open the browser specified in the auto-url configuration unless you have activated a different browser.

Secondary Controls

On the right side, there are 3 buttons.

  • The top button will take you to the configuration screen.
  • The second button will copy the current URL to the clipboard
  • The third button will copy the current URL to the clipboard and close BC2.


On the list side there is one button that will take you to the about screen.