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USAA Background Notes

On the gnucash mailing list, someone posted a message on his finding on the new USAA OFX direct connection.

In short

  1. A new URL
  2. a new OFX Org ID: USAA Federal Savings Bank
  3. a new OFX FID: 67811
  5. APPVER: "2300"
  6. a new userName/password that is different from the web userName/password
  7. CLIENTUID must be provided in the OFX request. Must be uppercase. For example: 1955A543-B071-455E-A31E-73CC7C493D68
  8. End-of-line: "\r\n" (Notes: I've found that this NOT needed)
  9. Date is in format: 19900101. In particular for DTACCTUP: The value "19900101" works. The value "19700101" does not. The value "19900101000000" does not. (Notes: I've found that 19700101000000 works)
  10. HTTP Header - User-Agent "InetClntApp/3.0"
  11. HTTP Header - Content-Type: "application/x-ofx"
  12. My finding - that OFX VERSION in the header MUST be 103

Another data point, the following ofxtools configuration was reported working

url =
clientuid = xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxx
org = USAA Federal Savings Bank
fid = 67811
bankid = 314074269
user = xxxxxxxxx
password = xxxxxxxx
appver = 2300
version = 103
unclosedelements = true
appid = QMOFX
pretty = true

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