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Getting Started

Compile clang and LLVM

Follow the instructions in clang's getting started guide to build the clang and LLVM libraries, and install them into /usr/local along with the headers.

The current master in ClassBrowser was tested with SVN revision 201767 of LLVM, Clang and Compiler-RT. Contributions for a better build process that let us manage the LLVM libraries better are welcome :-).

clone the project

and run git submodule update --init.

Build and run in Xcode

Sorry step 1 was really long. Suggestions or pull requests for better ways to build ClassBrowser are of course welcome. This is where we're going.

Using ClassBrowser

Currently the two features ClassBrowser exposes are not hooked up together, despite being in the same window.

  1. The top, browser view, exposes a Smalltalk-esque class browser showing the classes and methods registered on the runtime. The classes are organised into groups (Smalltalk would call these "categories") by library/framework. The methods are organised into groups by protocol—Smalltalk would also call these protocols.
  2. The lower, text editor view is a code editor. Type code in, select it, then right-click and select the "Print It" menu item. ClassBrowser will run your code, showing you the results and a compiler transcript (or it might crash, depending on what you try).

Other pages

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