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How to get more information on PaRSEC and/or DPLASMA

Two moderated mailing-lists are available, one for the users and the other for the developers involved in the project. The user mailing list subscriptions are handled via the user mailing-list, while the developers via the developers mailing-list. Please feel free to join us.

How to Compile and Run DPLASMA

We use DPLASMA as a demonstrator on how to compile PaRSEC and use it to compile PaRSEC enabled operations.

Understanding the compilation and runtime process of PaRSEC

How to contribute to PaRSEC

Tutorials about PaRSEC / DPLASMA

The PaRSEC / DPLASMA community has put together tutorials to explain how to use PaRSEC in a distributed heterogeneous setting, how to implement your own Domain Specific Language on top of PaRSEC, and how to improve the efficiency of your algorithms by using a dataflow-like task-based programming environment. These tutorials are targetted toward the user community, but potential developers of PaRSEC might find some interesting information as well. Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2.


PaRSEC User Group Meetings


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